Third-Party Reproduction Care

Third-party reproduction care may be an important part of your path to parenthood. The ReproMed Fertility team is highly experienced in providing care for gestational carriers (surrogates), as well as in supporting our patients needing donor sperm and donor eggs. Our goal is always to make your journey straightforward and compassionate. 

Explore the Services we Provide

  • Surrogacy (Gestational Carriers)

  • We work hand-in-hand with you (the intended parents), your chosen surrogate consultant, and your chosen surrogate to coordinate the surrogacy process and provide supportive medical protocols to help you achieve healthy conception and pregnancy.

  • Donor sperm insemination

  • When donor sperm is part of your treatment plan, we’ll help you find the right donor from a suitable sperm bank, arrange to receive your selected donor sperm for treatment  and provide a safe insemination procedure (also known as Therapeutic Donor Insemination “TDI”).

  • Egg donation

  • Rest assured our caring staff and established processes for treatments using donor eggs has resulted in successful outcomes for many patients. We are experienced in working closely with your chosen egg donor agency or egg bank to provide screening, egg retrievals and/or additional medical protocols to support patients to healthy conception.