(Gestational Carriers)

Involving the help of a surrogate (sometimes referred to as a “gestational carrier”) may be beneficial if you have uterine or implantation issues, or a medical condition that would risk a safe pregnancy. Surrogacy is also a solution for male-only family groups, including single men.


A surrogate, with support of your chosen surrogate consultant, is selected by you to carry a healthy pregnancy to delivery. The surrogate chooses to support intended parents for altruistic reasons.

You're well supported

Intended parents and surrogates are often referred to ReproMed Fertility by their surrogate consultant for our team’s considerable experience in compassionately navigating the required medical protocols to achieve a successful pregnancy. Sometimes patients start with a ReproMed physician to investigate infertility challenges and surrogacy is recommended.


We provide a strong support process which can include:

  • Consultation on the surrogacy process, key steps and parties involved, and medical aspects
  • Guidance on selecting the right surrogate consultant and related services
  • Coordination of medical protocols and related support for intended parent(s) and surrogate including assessments, egg retrieval, embryo transfer, post-conception monitoring if required

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