Donor Sperm Insemination

Donor sperm may be recommended where there is an absence of sperm, or where sperm quality or quantity causes significant challenges in achieving pregnancy. Donor sperm insemination (also known as Therapeutic Donor Insemination “TDI”) is also a solution for female-only family groups, including single women.

You’re Well Supported

The ReproMed Fertility team is highly experienced in guiding patients through the donor sperm process. We have a strong affiliation with one of Canada’s leading sperm banks, Origin Sperm Bank. Origin has a strong reputation for safety and quality, and offers a diverse catalogue of donors.


Working closely with Origin, our clinic team will support you with:

  • Selecting the right donor for you from imported or Canadian donor catalogues
  • Coordination with the sperm bank on ordering the right preparation and number of vials for your treatment
  • Guidance on eligibility for Ontario government Funded IUI Services Program
  • Sperm wash and preparation on day of insemination
  • Safe and optimally timed single or double insemination (performed in a 48-hour period)


Patients have the option of building their family through:


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