Natural Conception at Home (Home Insemination)

This program is for patients who are not necessarily looking for clinic-based treatment but are seeking access to safe and compliant donor semen samples to build their family. In addition, others may be looking to have the insemination performed in a comfortable and private setting.  We partner with Origin Sperm Bank.

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  • Natural Conception At Home allows you to perform self-insemination at home. At the same time, safety considerations are maintained by using compliant donor semen obtained by a Health Canada approved sperm bank which is delivered to your ReproMed Fertility health professional. These units are then released to you for insemination at home.


    Regardless of your location, this program may be the right option for you to grow your family. It is a cost-effective program compared to other reproductive services available.


    What to Expect


    1. One of our medical doctors will assess your specific case to determine if you’re eligible to participate in the program. This consultation costs $250, but is covered by OHIP if you’re an Ontario patient.
    2. Your first home insemination cycle includes:
      • Guidance on consent forms, documentation, and how to review sperm donor catalogues to choose your donor sperm and arrange shipping to us.
      • Instructions on self-monitoring your cycle with an Ovulation Predictor Kit (6 test strips) to help determine your date of ovulation.
      • Home Insemination Kit (gloves, syringe, catheter), and instructions for thawing the specimen and home insemination procedure.
    3. Donor semen is then shipped, from a Health Canada approved sperm bank to your care team at ReproMed. These units are then released to you. You’ll have continuous access to medically trained professionals throughout the process and a follow-up consultation.


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