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Embryo and egg donation is a very altruistic and kind act by one couple that gives another couple, suffering from infertility, the chance to conceive a family.  At times, couples who have achieved their dream through IVF treatment may still have embryos cryopreserved.  Some these couples will generously choose to donate these embryos to another couple so that they can also achieve a dream of their own.  The donating couple, that knows firsthand the challenges of infertility, often want to help other in need.  For other donating couples, they have a desire to know the embryos they created be given an opportunity elsewhere.

It is not often that embryo's become available, but when they do, the medical team will do their best to find a suitable match for another patient in need.

How to Find Out if You Are a Candidate for Embryo Donation?

The first step is to have a consultation with the Fertility Specialist.  If it is deemed you are potential recipient, we will need to collect a little bit more information to help facilitate a successful match.  The Embryo Donation Coordinator will contact you and begin the process.

What Information is Collected?

In addition to basic demographics, the Embryo Donation Coordinator will secure a brief description of you infertility and reproductive journey to date.  Also collected will be a description of your expectations of the offspring.  This can be a challenging exercise for some.  Every family is different so there is no right or wrong answer in what your expectations may be.  Some characteristics, like ethnicity, might be important to you; others, like hair colour, may not.  The more information you provide, the better we can "match" your expectations with the available embryos.  At the same time, very specific expectations may limit your options to the few embryos that are donated.  Rest assured, we will do our best to suggest a match and hopefully achieve your goal!

Here are some comments from Recipients who were matched and their decision to move forward:

"I'm so so excited!!!!!  Again thank you so much!" - MB

 "It's such a blessing to hear that we have an alternative and both believe this was a sign.  We would love the opportunity to proceed" - JM

"Hoping the matching process goes well, less than 3 months until our wedding, and what an amazing gift that would be!!" - LS




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