Is Egg Freezing Right For You?

Egg freezing is a procedure that has been used for several years for patients who are about to undergo cancer treatment and other medical procedures that may affect the reproductive system.  The application of this procedure has evolved more recently to extend to those wishing to extend their fertility (elective egg freezing).  ReproMed Fertility has extensive experience in all aspects of egg freezing.

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  • The quality of a female’s eggs diminish as she ages and this becomes a factor in her ability to conceive a child later in life. In certain circumstances, egg freezing can be used as a means of fertility preservation. The younger the female is when the eggs are retrieved, the better chances she has at getting pregnant later on when they are thawed and used in an IVF procedure.  


    Viable eggs are only one requirement for conception.  When the decision to fertilize a frozen egg for transfer is made, a thorough medical assessment will be performed to ensure all considerations are taken into account to optimize the chances of pregnancy.


    When should I consider egg freezing?


    If you are thinking about freezing your eggs, starting the process earlier increases your chance of pregnancy later on. In your 20s and early 30s the likelihood of conceiving without medical assistance is higher because of the quality and quantity of your eggs. By freezing your eggs at this stage, you can rely on your previously frozen eggs when you are older to increase the likelihood of successful IVF treatment.


    Eggs are typically at an ideal level of health up to your early 30s, but women up to age 38 (and sometimes older) can be successful in preserving healthy fertility with egg freezing. Then, should you decide to proceed with IVF using your frozen younger eggs, your chance of success will be higher than if you were to use eggs ovulated (or retrieved) at your current age.


    To establish whether egg freezing is right for you, you will need to complete an assessment of your fertility health with a ReproMed physician.

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