The Egg Freezing Process

We’ll make the egg freezing process clear and comfortable, and provide you with all the information needed every step of the way.

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  • Fertility assessment

    You’ll meet with a caring ReproMed doctor to establish if you are a good candidate for egg freezing. That meeting is an opportunity to discuss your needs and review your medical history. You’ll be able to learn about your options and what to expect from the process. We’ll also do some blood work and a vaginal ultrasound to help assess your current fertility potential and develop a personalized egg freezing plan.

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  • Ovarian stimulation

    Next, your ovaries will be stimulated to produce more eggs using hormone injections that are done at home. You’ll need to visit the clinic every few days during this stage over 10-12 days, so we can monitor how you’re responding to the injections and adjust your doses if needed. After your eggs have matured, the doctor will give you a different injectable medication that will release your eggs, starting ovulation.

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  • Freezing & storage

    After the retrieval, your eggs are flash-frozen and stored for future use. ReproMed provides safe, long-term egg storage onsite. We take the careful storage of your eggs seriously. 


    Your eggs can remain frozen indefinitely until you decide you wish to conceive. At that time, they will be thawed and fertilized, with the goal of developing an embryo for transfer into your uterus in a regular IVF procedure.

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