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Microsurgical Tubal Reconstruction

Dr. Alfonso P. Del Valle began performing tubal reanastomosis surgery via laparotomy in 1985 and in the past 10 years has been performing Microsurgical Tubal reanastomosis via laparoscopy.

With the advancements in reproductive medicine in recent years, in many cases it has become more effective to consider IVF treatment rather than go through tubal reconstruction. Some of the key reasons for this decision are:
  • Many patients opt for tubal reconstructive in the belief that it is more cost effective than IVF. In fact, IVF treatment is almost identical in cost. In cases where patients who have undergone tubal reversal, and may have to utilize IVF in the end, the cost can be almost double.
  • With the high success rates at our world class facility (click here for pregnancy success rates), IVF treatment is the best choice for securing a pregnancy.
  • With tubal reconstructive surgery, achieving a pregnancy may take up to 2 years after the operation. This can be a big concern for patients older than 35 years where time can be a factor in the success of their pregnancy. With IVF, a pregnancy may be established within 6 weeks of commencing the treatment.
To determine which procedure is best for your particular patient scenario, we recommend a detailed consultation with a member of our medical team to review your options.

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