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IVF & ICSI Protocols

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Protocol

IVF is a process by which the woman's eggs are removed, fertilized, allowed to develop into embryos and then transferred back into the uterus. This procedure may be partially covered by OHIP under certain criteria of tubal blockage, otherwise it is not covered.

Commencing on day 1 of the cycle, the female patient will telephone the doctor's office to inform them that you are commencing your cycle for IVF. Day 1 is considered the first day that your menstrual flow is constant, not light spotting. Please ensure that if applicable, you use condoms for contraception until cycle day 21.

If your period starts on the weekend, please call the office and leave a message on the doctor's voice mail. You will be seen in the office on day 3 and then on day 21 you will begin a medication to down regulate your hormonal system and will remain on this medication until the egg retrieval approximately 3 weeks later. In addition to the above medication you will also be on a stimulation protocol for the last 10 - 12 days involving daily self-injection of medications. Ultrasound and blood tests are performed throughout the cycle to monitor the egg maturation process.

When the ultrasound and blood work have confirmed that your follicles are ready for retrieval, a single injection of hCG is given and the eggs are retrieved 36 hours later. The sperm is then introduced and 72 hours after fertilization, the embryos are transferred back to the uterus.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

ICSI, otherwise known as Micromanipulation or Direct Sperm Injection, is a procedure performed in the IVF embryo laboratory after the eggs have been retrieved from the ovaries and involves placing a single sperm directly inside the egg. It is indicated for cases which involve very low sperm counts and/ or motility. It may also be indicated for cases of previous failed fertilization cycles by conventional IVF, or in eggs of women of late maternal age.

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