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Why ReproMed?

We understand that utilizing donor semen in your reproductive treatment is a very personal decision and an important step in your goal of building a family. By choosing to use ReproMed's donor semen, you are selecting the safest and highest quality donor samples available for Canadians to achieve a pregnancy. In an effort to provide even more choices to our patients, ReproMed's Donor Semen Catalogue offers the most comprehensive and diverse number of Anonymous and Open-ID donors.

Why Choose ReproMed? 

Since 1991, ReproMed is proud to be the Canadian leader in sperm bank services. The following are the distinguishing features as to why so many patients and clinics across the country turn to ReproMed for their donor semen needs:

Safety - ReproMed employs the strictest guidelines outlined by the Canadian Semen Regulation for the acquisition, screening, storage, and shipment of semen. In many cases, we extend testing protocols beyond the minimum regulatory requirements to ensure that only the safest sperm samples are offered to patients. At ReproMed we also test for multiple diseases and genetic disorders such as Cystic Fibrosis, Tay-Sachs, thalassemia, and sickle cell anemia. As regards medical history information, rest assured that we do not rely solely on self reporting. ReproMed is the only sperm bank that actively seeks a medical records of each donor applicant. The decision whether to accept or reject a potential donor is based in part on the content of his medical records.

Quality & Selection - ReproMed's long history in the field of sperm banking services results in our laboratory processing the highest quality samples for our patients. Not only do our specimens contain some of the highest motility (sperm count) per vial, but our trained technicians perform routine tests to ensure quality control. Working with a diverse group of semen donors, ReproMed offers the most comprehensive and extensive catalogue of both anonymous and Open-ID specimens for patients to choose from.

Compliance - All of our specimens are 100% compliant with the Canadian Semen Regulations. We are inspected on-site annually by Health Canada, who vigorously reviews not only sample documentation, but all of our practices and procedures. You can feel comfortable knowing that the product you will receive will be fully compliant within the laws that govern semen disbursement. ReproMed is licensed as processor, distributor, importer, and exporter of human semen for assisted reproduction.  ReproMed is proud to receive a Compliant rating from Health Canada from its recent donor semen inspection. You can learn more about compliance of establishments providing donor semen on their new website:

Canadian Samples - ReproMed is proud to promote the Canadian element in building new families. A significant portion of our catalogue is composed of Anonymous and Open-ID donors from Canada that reflect the diverse nature of the Canadian population. Embracing a strong standard of ethics, ReproMed has a proactive policy to impose restrictions on sperm distribution to limit the number of offspring from a donor in a particular area.

Price - ReproMed is the most cost effective supplier of semen in Canada. We recognize the fact that Reproductive Medicine can be an expensive procedure for many patients and our goal is to make this component as cost effective as possible in helping to create a family. We also offer volume discounts and special rates for storage.

Access to Donor Information - ReproMed is glad to provide you (free of charge) a Donor Portfolio for each specimen in the catalogue. This provides you with information such as physical features, family history, educational history, skills & abilities, preferences, personality traits, anatomical features, and medical history. You will also receive access to the Donor Temperament Report which gives an in-depth look to the donor's personal characteristics. In some scenarios you can also access Donor Photos, Temperament reports, Staff Impressions and Donro Essays. 

ReproMed Sibling Registry - Patients who use Canadian Donors from ReproMed Ltd. will have the option of registering their donor conceived child in the ReproMed Sibling Registry.  This voluntary program allows parents to share their contact information with other registered users for potential contact.  The ReproMed Sibling Registry will make best efforts to verify all posted information from registered users to assist families in connecting with one another if they wish to do so.  The goal of this online community is to help parents identify, research donor information, and connect with other siblings.

Customer Service - Our friendly staff are here to answer your questions and assist you with the selection process. In addition to ensuring you have all the facts before processing your order, our qualified team will arrange for the timely delivery of your specimen to your clinic or doctors office for the insemination procedure.

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