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Ways to Become a Patient

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  • Book a Consultation

    If you are considering your fertility care options and would like to talk to us to learn more, we would be happy to help. The first step is to request a consultation with one of our fertility specialists, below you'll find information on how to get started.


    If you are a referring physician visit our page for online referrals and additional resources.

    We welcome patients from all regions across Canada and worldwide. We facilitate virtual consultations and will help coordinate localized care where possible. Please use the same appointment request form as below. 

Request an Appointment


It’s easy to get started! We’ve made it simple for you to get a physician’s referral. 

 You may also get a referral from your own doctor, if you prefer. 


Click below to book a no-fee virtual physician appointment with Rocket Doctor. The Rocket Doctor physician will send your referral to us.

A patient with us before? Email and our team will help you resume care with us. 

For inquiries unrelated to booking a new patient appointment, we invite you to call us at 416-279-0110 or email