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The cryopreservation of human semen provides an option for fertility preservation and the hope for progeny for men whose fertility is endanger by selective vasectomy, therapeutic surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or for those men whose occupation puts them at risk of losing their fertility. Given the opportunity to make this choice, patients often approach their condition more optimistically, feeling they have regained some control over their future. More recently, semen banking is also suggested in men who are planning to have children later in life. To learn more about when you should consider semen banking click here.

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Importabt Notice: Zika Virus

In light of the current reports about the sexual transmission of the Zika virus and the devastating consequences on the offspring, men who are planning to travel to an area with active Zika virus transmission are strongly encouraged to consider semen banking. Health Canada currently recommends that men should not initiate a pregnancy for six months after travelling to a Zika virus active region. Men who bank their semen prior to travel will be able to freely use these samples to build their family without any concerns regarding the transmission of the Zika virus.

All-Inclusive Sperm Freezing Package - Sperm Banking Made Worry Free!

For added convenience, ReproMed has developed an All-Inclusive Sperm Freezing package that is cost effective and maintenance free.  This package consists of:

-          An Initial Assessment
-          One Deposit Visit
-          5 Years of storage

The above package is available for $920. Patients can book an appointment, bank their specimen, and have worry free storage for the next 5 years.  By combining all items into one, patients are able to take advantage of the service in the most cost effective way possible.

Package details ar available in this PDF for download.

Click Here to Watch an Educational Video on Sperm Banking

Additional Information:

The years that ReproMed has invested in cryobanking made us aware that our services can produce important attitudinal changes in our clients. They are not as overwhelmed by their circumstances when they realize that they can still make choices to positively affect their lives. Our experience also has shown us that many men learn of our services only after their surgery or therapy is completed and their disappointment, and ours, is immeasurable.

On the first visit, an assessment is performed to assess the sperm quality and screen for infectious diseases. Semen could be also stored on the first visit. Additional deposits may be needed according to the sperm quality and the patient future needs. Each visit must be preceded by a period of abstinence from ejaculation.

The blood and semen screening done initially is required to ensure that the stored specimens will not contaminate others with infectious diseases. Separate, dedicated, quarantined tanks are available for those patients who are in need of immediate storage without being able to wait for the results of the blood and semen screening.

Collection could be also arranged without traveling to our facility using our Cryofly™ kit. Semen storage should be considered a viable option for those men faced with a possible threat to their fertility. State-of-the-Art technology in the field of Reproductive Medicine has extended this option to those with existing fertility problems.

The clinical application of semen cryopreservation has been demonstrated to be a proven and effective method of treatment for those individuals concerned with impending infertility. Data indicates that long-term semen storage does not reduce fertilizing capacity. It had been demonstrated that little or no loss of cryosurvival occurs after 25 years of storage at -196°C although there may be a slight change in the quality of motility (i.e. non-progressive versus progressive).

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