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***To ensure the timely delivery of your samples, please submit your order at least 3 business days prior to the required by date***

What Information Is Needed To Order Specimens?

1. Physician/Clinic name, address, telephone and fax number.
2. Patient Identification.
3. Donor Selections - We would suggest at least 3 alternatives.
4. Number of Insemination Units needed.
5. Specimen Preparation requested: could be Un-washed or Washed or IVF/ICSI vials.

Un-washed Preparation: A cryoprotectant is added to the raw semen prior to freezing. Each insemination unit (I.U.) contains 0.8 mL of cryopreserved semen. The specimen is considered ready for use in intracervical insemination (ICI).

Washed Preparation: The liquid portion of the semen specimen is removed by centrifugation and replaced with a biological buffer. A cryoprotectant is added to the washed semen specimen prior to freezing. Each I.U. contains 0.6 mL of cryopreserved semen. The specimen is considered ready for use in an intrauterine insemination (IUI).

IVF/ICSI Preparation: These are vials processed using the Standard protocol. The sperm concentration is less to meet the lower requirements of IVF/ICSI.

Note: ReproMed Quality Control Policy is available at:

6. Date, day and time the specimens are needed.

Note: To ensure the most prompt and economical delivery of the requested donor specimens, ReproMed recommends placing your request at least five business days prior to the date needed.
7. Specify any shipping requirements such as Priority Shipping, Same-Day Service.
8. If the recipient is being billed directly, the recipient must contact us. ReproMed staff will be happy to assist you with your arrangements. Please feel free to inquire and ask questions.

Who Will The Shipment Be Sent To?

ReproMed's policy is to ship the requested specimens directly to the physician. It is possible for the DI recipient to order specimens. These requests will be confirmed with the physician in order to facilitate scheduling of the shipment.

How Does The Semen Shipped Get To The Physician?

All specimens are shipped in Liquid Nitrogen containers designed to maintain the appropriate temperature (keep the specimens frozen) for up to 7 days. These shippers act similar to a "thermos", and it is not required to have additional or free nitrogen in the cylinder to maintain the temperature. All shipments are round-trip pre-paid both ways.

IATA regulations were changed, as of January 1, 1995 to classify the shipping tank non-dangerous providing there is no free nitrogen enclosed. All documents and waybills are completed for you and shipped to the physician with each order for the return of the shipper to ReproMed. Should you have difficulty with the courier in your area, please contact ReproMed immediately. Appropriate procedures for thawing and handling cryopreserved donor semen are included with each shipment.

How Services Are Paid For?

Your physician decides who will be billed for the donor semen. In many cases, the DI recipient is billed directly, in which case they are responsible to pay for all charges at the time of service. Accepted methods of payment include credit cards (VISA/Mastercard/Amex), Certified Cheque, Wire Transfers or Money-Order prior to the shipment being sent. Other services ordered by the DI recipient such as D.A.D.S.™ - (Data Assisted Donor Selection) Portfolios, etc., will be paid at the time of order. Please note that we do not accept debit cards/interac unless used in person.

What If I Don't Ovulate And Need To Return The Specimens?

We realize that situations may occur in which the return of frozen specimens is necessary. In keeping with the AATB standards we will accept specimens returned to us, providing (1) we are notified that they are being returned, (2) that the specimens have not been removed from the shipping container and (3) the shipping is received by ReproMed within 7 days from the initial shipment date. A credit will not be issued. Rather, the specimens will be maintained in storage for future use for the same patient. We cannot, and will not, use these specimens for any other physician or patient. The recipient is responsible for payment of the original invoice as well as the Cryovial Return fee and the recurring storage fees (depending on the duration of storage) .

What is ReproMed's Refund Policy for Reserved Vials & Storage?

For cancelled reservations, ReproMed shall refund 50% of the cost of purchase of Canadian donor specimens that have not been shipped from ReproMed's premises, provided that the donor is still being offered for distribution. No refunds will be issued for imported donor samples. Pre-paid storage fees of more than a year are eligible for a refund equal to the duration remaining. All refunds are subject to a reasonable vial cancellation fee.

Can Donor Availability For Future Siblings Be Guaranteed?

We will do our best to ensure sufficient specimens are available for the DI recipient's future use. The only way to guarantee availability is to purchase and store the requested donor specimens when available. DI recipient cryovials in storage for subsequent pregnancy are assessed an annual storage fee. ReproMed will be happy to assist with this reservation procedure.  There is free on year storage with the purchase of 6 or more vials.

Can I Use A Friend As A Donor?

ReproMed has a program specifically designed for the Designated Donor, i.e. a known donor for a known recipient. Working with and through the recipient's physician, we will provide the forms required for this transaction and the proper testing of the Donor. We will assist with the preparation of the specimens and the required quarantine prior to use. It must be emphasized that the Designated - Directed or Known Donor will be screened, tested and quarantined in the same manner as ReproMed's Anonymous Donors.

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