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Choosing a Donor

ReproMed has endeavored to provide you with a comprehensive list of donor options. We remain the only source for Canadian Donors who have altruistically provided the gift of life. We also offer donor samples imported from the most reputable Sperm Banks in the United States. We recommend approaching donor selection by following the three easy steps described below. 

Step 1 - Examine Semen Donor Catalogues

Step 2 - Review Extended Donor Profiles

Step 3 - Consider the Complimentary Photo-matching service for Additional Assistance


Canadian Donor Options

ReproMed provides you with a  free Donor Portfolio for each selection, which includes information about the donor such as physical features, family history, educational history, skills & abilities, preferences, personality traits, anatomical features, and medical history. Click here to view a sample.

ReproMed’s Canadian donors have also volunteered to give additional information about them.  These Extended Donor Profiles help to give you further insight into the donor’s characteristics and may include some or all of the following:

Temperament Report    Donor Essay    Audio Recording     Donor Likeness Photographs     Staff Impressions

The Extended Donor Profiles can be accessed by clicking one of the above icons from the Additional Information column from the catalogue.  Click here to get a detailed preview of each.

Click Here to Access the Canadian Donor Catalogue


Imported Donor Options

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Utilize Fairfax Face Match Tool

Free Access to Extensive Extended Donor Profiles

Interactive Search Engine for 2 Sperm Banks
(Fairfax and CLI)




Advanced Search Egine to Catalogue

Extensive listing of Canadian Compliant Donors

Fee All Access Pass to see Extended Donor Profiles

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This personal service has been designed to help you make the right choice in meeting your offspring expectations. ReproMed Staff will provide you with donor options that closely match photos that you provide. These could be photos of yourself, your partner, family, etc. The Photo-Matching service is offered complimentary free of charge.

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