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Fertility in Northern Ontario

Regional Fertility Services

ReproMed provides specialized services to patients residing in Northern Ontario.  Gaining access to a Fertility Specialist can pose a challenge to those that reside in the North, and ReproMed offers personalized care to help bridge many of these geographic obstacles.

Our three step approach has helped many in this region achieve their goal of becoming pregnant:

Consultation Phase: Medical History forms will be sent via fax or email.  Once we receive back this important information a telephone or video conferencing call will be scheduled.  This will provide direct access to a Fertility Specialist to review your case one-on-one and discuss specifics related to you infertility.   

Testing Phase: Based on your consultation with the Fertility Specialist, he will prescribe a series of tests during the course of your next natural cycle.  These tests, which include blood work & ultrasound, can all be completed locally in your area at OHIP based facilities.  Our Patient Services Team will work with you to help co-ordinate which tests need to be done and update your chart along the way with the results.

Treatment Phase: Once all the tests are complete, and the results sent back to the clinic, the doctor will conduct a follow-up telephone or video conference call with you to review.  A recommendation will be made as to the best fertility treatment to proceed with based specifically on your findings.  This procedure can be done locally through connections with local medical facilities.  In the case of more sophisticated treatments, such as IVF, these will be completed in Toronto and a member of our Nursing Team will work with you in advance for all preparation for the procedure.  Additional testing will be arranged locally once again and required medications will be shipped to you.  You will travel to Toronto where you will meet members of the ReproMed team and complete the treatment in our world class facility.

Regions with special support services for regional fertility services:

  • Thunder Bay
  • Sudbury
  • Kenora
  • Timmins
  • Sault Ste. Marie
  • North Bay

Click here to request a consultation.  In the "Comments" field, make sure to indicate which Northern Region you reside in.

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