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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Even though the strict definition of recurrent miscarriage relates to a least three consecutive spontaneous abortions, we feel that after two consecutive miscarriages it may be worth to exclude the basic causes of repetitive miscarriage.

We suggest that an assessment of the uterine lining should be carried out, typical sign of cervical incompetence (weak cervix), immunological disorders, thrombophilia disorders (clotting problem), antiphospholipid antibodies, chromosome/genetic testing. Depending on the findings, we may opt to use specific treatments. These treatments may include tying the cervix early in pregnancy, giving some proven medications, such as blood thinner (Heparin), and aspirin.

In the absence of a specific diagnosis, empiric treatments may be used, and occasionally in women more than (35) years of age, we may do Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis and in other situations we may suggest using Surrogacy/Gestational Carrier as a reproductive alternative. In women Forty (40) and older Egg Donation, may also be an alternative.

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