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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a condition present in about 10 – 15% of reproductive age women.  Women with the condition do no ovulate on a regular basis and as a result can suffer from infertility.  Those effected will also show signs of elevated male hormones (androgens) that will cause problems such as acne and excess facial hair. 

The name comes from the ultrasound appearance of the ovaries which will show many small cysts.  Woman can have this "clinical picture" for other reasons, so your physician at ReproMed will do tests to determine if you have PCOS or another problem that mirrors the symptoms. 

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More than half of the women with this condition will be overweight and weight loss is an important part of the treatment.  You may also require medications to help your body ovulate (see ovulation induction).   Usually this can be done with oral medications but some women will require injectable medications and even IVF.

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