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Ovum (Egg) Freezing

Ovum freezing is a procedure that has been used for several years for patients who are about to undergo cancer treatment and other medical procedures that may affect the reproductive system. Eggs can be retrieved to avoid them being damaged during the cancer treatment. They are then frozen with the goal of being used in the future when the patient is ready to start a family.

The quality of a female’s eggs diminish as she ages and this becomes a factor in her ability to conceive a child later in life. In certain circumstances, ovum freezing can be used as a means of fertility preservation. The younger the female is when the eggs are retrieved, the better chances she has at getting pregnant later on when they are thawed and used in an IVF procedure.

There is five step process to ovum freezing:

Patient Consultation: you will meet with a fertility specialist and discuss the procedure and explore options for your particular scenario. This consultation is covered by OHIP.

Screening Protocol: blood-work and ultrasounds may be conducted.

Stimulation Protocol: The patient will be prescribed certain medications to “stimulate” the ovaries to produce several eggs during the ovulation cycle.

Egg Retrieval: The fertility specialist will then retrieve the eggs through a minor medical procedure trans-vaginally.

Freezing: The ovum are assessed by an embryologist and the healthy ones are then frozen for future use by the patient.

The cost of the procedure: $5,275 plus medication

Storage Options:

Yearly Storage: $450 / year through ReproMed Storage Solutions

5-Year Storage Pre-Paid: $1,500

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