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Ovulation Induction

Lack of ovulation (egg production or release) is one of the commonest forms of infertility in women. Usually is manifested with irregular periods or absence of periods. There may be signs or symptoms of androgen excess (male homones) such as hair on the face or abdomen. Now we know that there may be difficulties in using Insulin, which is the hormone that regulates the use of carbohydrate (glucose). Sometimes just by merely exercise and weight reduction ovulation can be restored. In other occasions we can use medication that are used for diabetics (Metformin) and this alone may produce ovulation.

There is another group of women that lack the hormones in the brain to induce ovulation. This last condition we see in women that exercise competitively (athletes, dancers, etc.), or women that may have benign brain tumors. In this last category, we can have elevated levels of prolactin (breast milk producing hormone); prolactin can be elevated without a tumor being present. We have medications (Parlodel, Dostinex) that can block the production of prolactin and restore ovulation. We will be monitoring the use of these medications through cycle monitoring.

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