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Understanding that each case is unique, it is ReproMed’s mission to provide you with a variety of options that will help you choose a donor who will meet your expectations. ReproMed now offers two different Canadian Semen Donor options in regards to the release of the identifying information: Identity Release (Open ID) Donors and Anonymous Donors. ReproMed’s Online Catalogue provides detailed information on each donor, including if they are Identity Release or Anonymous. With this offering, you are now guaranteed to find a suitable Canadian donor according to the way you would like to build your family.  

Identity Release (Open ID)

Some of our donors have chosen to provide consent that allows the release of their identity information (e.g. name, photo, government issued IDs, birth date and most current contact information on file) when requested by an eligible donor offspring. The presence of such consent ensures that your child will gain access to the donor’s identity information when requested. Since the donor consent is irrevocable, we guarantee that the release of information will take place in the future according to the offspring wishes. For a donor offspring to be eligible, he/she must be at least 18 years old. This donor option is suitable for you if you would like an absolute guarantee that your child will gain access to the donor’s identity information. Please note that you can still use an Identity Release Donor without participating in the corresponding program (see below).


Anonymous Donors are those who consented to provide semen donation to assist others in building their families but have not yet consented to the release of their identity information to the donor conceived offspring. Most of ReproMed’s anonymous donors have a very positive attitude about identity disclosure in general and some have already committed to do so in the future. However, without the presence of an actual consent, this option cannot be guaranteed. ReproMed will always make every effort possible to contact the donor and seek his authorization for information release whenever requested to do so by a donor conceived offspring even in the absence of consent. This donor option is suitable for you if you are not keen on Identity Release donors, or if you believe that it is not absolutely required.

Participation in the Identity Release Program

  1. Using an Identity Release Donor does not automatically enroll you in the Identity Release Donor Program.
  2. If you would like to participate, -you will have to register for the Identity Release Program. . You can choose to register immediately after the birth of your child or at any time later.
  3. Registration can be done by completing a Live Birth Report and indicate on the form that you would like to register in the Identity Release Program.
  4. Once the report is received, you will be contacted by a member of our Patient Services Team and asked to provide supporting documentation such as medical records, sample order confirmation, or an invoice. Additionally, you will be requested to sign consent for participation in the Program.
  5. Your completed registration information will be securely kept at ReproMed. After your child turns 18, he/she may contact ReproMed requesting the donor’s identity information release.
  6. ReproMed DOES NOT provide semen donors with any offspring information unless an identity release request has been made by an offspring who is older than 18 years or the recipient mother of an offspring who is older than 18 years.
  7. You may also want to take advantage of ReproMed’s Sibling Registry which will give you and your child a chance to interact with families that have used the same donor.-This could be done immediately after the birth of your child or at any time later.

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