A new name for our partner sperm bank: Origin Sperm Bank

Formerly operating as ReproMed Ltd., we are happy to announce our partner sperm bank has rebranded as Origin Sperm Bank.  


As the leading sperm bank in Canada since 1991, the newly renamed Origin Sperm Bank is known for helping prospective parents confidently find the right donor sperm for the family they envision creating.  This exciting change reflects the renewed commitment of Canada’s premier sperm bank to offering patients a diverse array of donors, while upholding its reputation for safety, quality, compliance, and efficient distribution.


What will not change is our fertility clinic’s seamless coordination with the sperm bank, ensuring your fertility journey is well-supported.  The Origin Sperm Bank patient support team helps make finding a donor easy, and their extensive experience in providing donor sperm to support fertility treatments means they have developed unmatched expertise in distribution to destinations across Canada – from urban to remote.


To learn more about Origin Sperm Bank visit