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Medical Financing

ReproMed is proud to offer patients at the clinic medical financing through two partners: Crelogix and Medicard. Both specialize in a variery of ways that you can pay for your treatment.  You can choose to finance the full amount, or you can turn to one of our partners to finance a portion of the service.  Customized equal payments can be structured to help suit your budget.  Other benefits: no down payments, no collateral, high approval, competitive interest rates, and easy monthly payments.


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Why Finance?

We have partnered with Crelogix to offer you affordable monthly payment options. Crelogix’s flexible financing options allow you to have the treatment you want today and pay it off over time. 

Apply easily and repay the balance completely or with lump-sum payments at any time without penalty thanks to flexible loan terms. Crelogix also offers great loan protection options to cover you for unexpected events such as job loss or injury.

Advantages of Financing with Crelogix:

  • Pay for procedures with affordable monthly payments
  • Affordable interest rates
  • Flexible loan terms mean you can repay in full at any time without penalty
  • Flexible choices on loan protection to cover your future
  • Financing backed by 40 years of industry expertise
  • Quality customer service and an in-house multilingual call centre

 Ask us about financing today!  Phone: 1-877-621-8686

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