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Margaret Russ at ReproMed

My name is Margaret Russ and I am a counsellor specializing in Reproductive Health and Adoption.  I believe that therapy offers a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of your current life situation and reflect upon who you are, the state of your relationships, your life history and your varied experiences.  I approach therapy from a holistic perspective that encompassess the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual asspects of your well-being, and work wholly in the present to deal with the past as needed in order to facilitate meaningful insight and growth.  

My interventions are always collaborative and client-specific.  It is important that I work closely with you to find what works best.  I'm creative and intuitive, warm, and empathic but also direct and honest.  My 15 years counselling, combined with my formal training, personal experiences and social work background, give me the ability to help you to release, heal, and create the life that you truly want and deserve.

I have a Masters of Social Work from York Univesity and a Bachelor of Social Work from Ryerson Polytechnic University.  I am a Registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.  I can help you with:

  • Decisions regarding treatment options.
  • Dealing with a failed treatment cycle.
  • Coping with miscarriage and perinatal loss.
  • Negative marital and familial relations, anger, guilt, stress, anxiety, depression and sexual problems.
  • Third party reproduction implications and evaluations including for the LGBTQ individuals / couples
  • Stress reduction and coping techniques
  • Decision making regarding ending treatment
  • Adoption

Fertility treatments are very stressful for patients.  Studies have shown that seeing a counsellor can help patients learn positive and healthy coping strategies. These strategies can help reduce your level of stress, increase your satisfaction with the overall fertility treatment and ultimately improve your treatment outcome.

My focus is on helping individuals and couples build their families and deal with life on life’s terms.  I understand the importance of helping those who have suffered loss, feel helpless, are struggling with their relationships and need advice on how best to incorporate critical life skills into their everyday reality.  If any of these situations are ones that you are currently struggling with and you need advice, support and life strategies then call or email me to book a counselling session.  I can be reached at 416-230-4721 or at My office is conveniently located at 3101 Bloor Street West, between Islington and Royal York on the south side of Bloor.  I also offer Skype Counselling for certain types of sessions.  You can view my website for more information and fee schedule at


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