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Have you ever thought about using a person that you may know as your semen donor? This is now possible with ReproMed's Designated Donor Program. Many recipients desire to use a donor with whom they have a personal connection. There are many reasons why one would consider using a designated donor:

  • To continue the genetic lineage of a partner by choosing a member of this family
  • Using a donor of a certain ethnicity which is otherwise unavailable through anonymous/open-ID donor selection
  • To provide children the opportunity to have a relationship with the donor.

If you are considering any of these options, ReproMed can assist you via its Designated Donor Program. Our structured approach ensures the the donated samples are processed according to the highest standards of safety and quality. It also guarantees that the roles and responsibilities of each party is well documented, which alleviates concerns about future ramifications. Not using donated semen via a formal program may result serious consequences as detailed in Health Canada advisory.

Our role as a licensed Canadian sperm bank is to recruit the Designated (i.e. known) Semen Donor, according to all of the applicable regulations, for the exclusive reproductive use of a single recipient.  Part of this process includes: the screening of the Designated Donor; a semen analysis; laboratory work; and a 6-month quarantine of the semen specimens, a regulatory requirement. Donor consents and agreements are also included. This is very important to ensure that the rights of the recipients are protected.

Click Here to Watch an Educational Video on Designated Donations

To help you better udnerstand the Designated Donor Program, the following procedures will be used to produce the specimens:

  1. Upon request from the Recipient, an appointment will be scheduled for the Designated Donor during which: the application forms will be completed, there will be an initial screening for infectious diseases, a semen quality assessment will be conducted, as well as a general physical exam.  Appropriate release and agreement forms will also be signed. Infectious disease screening includes: HIV 1/2, HTLV 1/2, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Cytomegalovirus, West Nile virus and all other sexually transmitted diseases as required by the regulations.
  2. Additional semen donations will be considered based on the Donor's sample quality and the Recipients' future needs.
  3. Upon receipt of all screening and quality results, an appointment will be scheduled for the Recipient (onsite or via phone) to provide an update and discuss future directions.
  4. The frozen specimens will be maintained in a 6-months quarantine after which the Designated Donor will be required to provide blood samples for the final screening. Records can be sent to the Recipients' physician if needed.
  5. Once the quarantine period is complete, the specimens can be kept in storage or shipped to the patient's clinic for use in the insemination procedure.

Some of the Advantage of using ReproMed's Designated Donor Program Include: 

  • You choose your own donor: a friend, a family member, maybe someone special in your life.
  • Access to ReproMed's gamete donor services which include more than 20 years of professional expertise.
  • The program is the only venue that allows gay men to become semen donors in Canada.  Donors above the age of 40 can be also included.
  • Donors who have had prior vasectomy can be also included.
  • The ability to work with donors who are out of province and out of the country in relation to where you reside.
  • Significantly reduced costs compared to anonymous/open-ID donor semen samples.
  • Once samples are released, the can be used to establish a pregnancy as well as subsequent pregnancies in the future whithout repeating the process.

For full information regarding the Designated Donor Program, please download our online brochure.

You may also reveiw our Frequently Asked Questions Brochure on the program, click here

Health Canada cautions those that use donor semen from questionable sources and provide the following warning

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