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Home Insemination Program

ReproMed is pleased to announce the launching of its offsite (home) insemination Program. We understand that some of our patients are not necessarily looking for fertility treatment but are mainly seeking access to safe and compliant donor semen samples. In addition, others may be looking to have the insemination performed in a comfortable and intimate setting.

Using over 15 plus years experience in reproductive medicine, we have designed this unique program that allows you to have the insemination performed by yourself, or your partner, within the comfort of your home, while maintaining all safety considerations and regulatory requirements under the guidelines of the Canadian Semen Regulation and Assisted Human Reproduction Act.

Regardless of your location this program may be the right option for you. This program is a cost effective procedure when compared to other reproductive services available.  More that 50% of patients younger than 40 were able to achieve pregnancy with 3 insemination cycles.  Specific information regarding other age groups and success rates should become available as we continue to collect more data.

The Home Insemination Program consists of a two phases:

Initial Patient Consultation: This is conducted by one of our medical doctors to assess your specific case and determine if you are eligible to participate in the program.

Initial Patient Consultation: $150 (Onsite consultation covered by OHIP for Ontario patients)

Home Insemination Cycle:Providing you are a candidate for the program, you would partake in the first cycle in the comfort of your own home. The following components are included in the cycle:

  • Consultation with a Fertility Specialist
  • All consent forms and required documentation
  • Access to ReproMed’s exclusive donor catalogue
  • 90 Days Complementary Access to ReproMed's Extended Donor Profiles for all Canadian Donors
  • Instructions on how to self monitor your cycle
  • Ovulation Predictor Kit (6 test strips) to help determine your date of ovulation
  • Instructions on the Home Insemination procedure
  • Instructions on how to thaw the specimen
  • Home Insemination kit including: gloves, syringe, catheter
  • Donor Semen sample (2 vials)
  • Continuous access to medically trained professionals throughout the process
  • Follow-up consultation call

To learn more about this program and pricing, please contact the Sperm Bank at or call us at 1-877-317-6079 ext. 2.

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