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Gestational Carriers / Surrogacy

A gestational carrier is a woman who becomes pregnant, carries a fetus throughout a pregnancy and delivers the child for another couple. These are wonderful individuals with a great sense of altruism and usually with proven ability to maintain pregnancy to term. The gestational carrier has no genetic link to the fetus that she is carrying since she does not provide the eggs used in the process.

There are females that are born with either an rudimentary uterus or no uterus at all. These individuals (Mullerian Fusion Syndrome) have normal ovaries and can have their eggs retrieved, mixed with partner’s sperm and subsequently the embryo formed transferred.

Repetitive failure of implantation after IVF may be another indication. Some women with certain medical conditions such as vascular/clotting disorders, heart conditions, respiratory disorders, or previous disastrous obstetrical outcomes such as life threatening eclampsia, may benefit from this reproductive alternative.

Using a gestational carrier may be the best choice for you if you're unable to conceive because your uterus is irregular or missing or if various other fertility treatments have failed. The gestational carrier/surrogacy is a good fertility option for same sex couples and single men.


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