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What is Embryo & Oocyte Donation?

Embryo & Oocyte donation is a process where an individual or couple donates some or all of their embryos & oocytes to another couple in need.

Why do People Donate?

There are many different reasons why an individual or couple would donate their embryos & oocytes.  When the choice is made to no longer continue with the building of one’s family, a decision must be made about the future direction of the embryos & oocytes currently in cryopreservation.  Embryo & oocyte donation is one such consideration.  One of the most common reasons people donate is the selfless act of helping others who have experienced the similar hardships of infertility and wish to make a difference elsewhere.

Is Our Identity Protected?

Yes, when a decision is made to donate one’s embryos or oocytes, the recipients do not receive any identifying information about the donating parties.  This information is kept strictly confidential at the clinic.  It is important to also note that the donating party has no legal liability.

How do We Know our Embryos & Oocytes Are Going to a Good Couple?

Any couple or individual looking to receive embryos or oocytes as a means to build their family must: apply to program, be seen by the Fertility Specialist, and be deemed a suitable candidate for the procedure. 

Are Our Embryos & Oocytes Being Sold?

No.  There are no monies exchanged for the embryos or oocytes.  This is an altruistic donation and the administering clinic simply facilitates the practice for all parties involved.

We Know Another Couple in Need and Wish to Donate to Them Directly, Is This Possible?

This is practice is quite common and easy to arrange for all parties involved.  ReproMed would be glad to help facilitate a “known” donation with another couple you choose.

What if We Want to Keep Our Embryos & Oocytes and Do Not Wish to Participate At All?

Embryo & oocyte donation is completely voluntary action and no individual or couple will ever be forced to consider this if they do not want to.  The future direction of your embryos & oocytes will always reside with your wishes.  Clinics like ReproMed recognize the emotional challenges those with infertility face and understand that discussing this subject can be difficult.  As such, information is supplied for patient education and ultimate direction or decisions will always remain with the patient.

We Are Not Sure If We Want to Donate our Embryo’s or Oocytes, Who Could We Talk To?

Any individual or couple considering donation can speak by phone with the Donation Co-Ordinator.

What is Involved with the Donation Process?

There are three easy steps for those wishing to donate:

a) A consent form is completed that indicates the parties wish to donate their embryos & oocytes.

b) The “egg donor” and “sperm donor” that contributed to the development of the embryo will need to complete the Donor Profile and Medical History forms.  This information is used by the clinic to assist in matching process and the details stored in the permanent medical record.

c)The last step is to complete a final blood draw for screening purposes.  The parties involved can come onsite or have requisitions issued so the test can be done at a location closer to their residence.  This procedure completes a medical requirement to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved.

After We Chose to Donate and Complete the 3 Steps Involved, Will We be Contacted Again?

Once the steps in the donation process are complete you will not be contacted again from the clinic.  You can rest assured that your altruistic donation has gone to help make a difference in another couple’s goal of starting a family.

How Do We Start the Donation Process?

You may contact ReproMed at any time to start the process.

Here are some comments from Patients who have chosen to donate and their wishes for the recipients:

"My husband and I are happy to know that some people/couples might be helped this way to make their dream of a family come true.  Our daughter brings pure joy into our lives every day." - GC

"If theire babies turn out anything like ours, they will be very, very happy:)" - MM

"We are happy that the embryos will help other couples" - ML


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