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Success Rates

Several factors affect the success rates of assisted reproductive techniques (ART). The most important factors include: the female’s age, the cause of infertility and the clinical and technical proficiency of the treating Staff. At the ReproMed, we take pride in being among the institutions with the highest success rates.

From 2008 to 2014, ReproMed performed 3,284 assisted reproductive technique (ART) procedures at our clinic. The techniques involved in ART undergo continuous development and improvement and we wish to summarize for you our most recent published results.

By providing 7 years of combined results, we give patients the truest and most realistic notion of their chance at achieving a pregnancy!

 2008 to 2014

IVF using non-donor eggs
Patient age # of patients with embryo transfers Clinical pregnancy rate Average # of embryos transferred
<35 320 183/320 (57.2) 1.9
35-39 394 195/394 (49.5) 2.1
40-42 207 66/207 (31.9) 2.5
All ages 921 444/921 (48.2) 2.1


IVF using donor eggs
Donor age # of patients with embryo transfers Clinical pregnancy rate Average # of embryos transferred
<35 474 328/474 (69.2) 1.8

A patients overall chance of becoming pregnant significantly increases for those that continue with additional cycles. As such, we would like to also share with you our cumulative pregnancy rates for those that continued with subsequent cycles using frozen embryos created in their initial IVF cycle.

Cumulative Pregnancy Rates
Patient Age Clinical Pregnancy Rate
<35 69%
35 - 39 60%
>39 40%


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