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Fertility in Northern Ontario

Our Staff at ReproMed

When you come to ReproMed, a team of physicians, nurses, technologists and other specialists will be involved in your diagnosis, treatment and ongoing care.

President & Medical Director Alfonso P. Del Valle MD. FRCS (C)  
Reproductive Endocrinologist Fawwaz Alkazemi, MD. FRCS (C), FACOG  
Embryology Department
Director Iryna Kuznyetsova, Ph.D, HCLD (ABB) ext. 315
Senior Embryologist Wenling Zhang , Ph.D.  
Embryologist Elham S.  
Andrology Laboratory & Sperm Bank
Director Tamer Said, MD, Ph.D. HCLD ext. 342
Technician Maria Lopez, BSc ext. 347
Technician Abbas Azhar ext. 348
Nursing Team
IVF Coordinator Melanie M., RN ext. 203
IVF Coordinator Geehae L., RN ext. 303
IVF Coordinator Aisling W., RN ext. 403
IVF Coordinator Elizabeth M. RN ext. 503
IVF Coordinator Julie G., RPN ext. 403
IVF Coordinator Yulia D., RN ext. 503
Ultrasound RDMS, NCMP
Senior Ultrasound Specialist
Suzzane Wong MD, FRS (C), RDS, NCMP  
Sonographer Carolyn T., RDMS, OB/GYN AB ext. 503
Sonographer Rimma L., RDMS OB/GYN AB FE RVT(VT) ext. 503
Sonographer Lana K., RDMS OB/GYN ext. 503
Sonographer Deep S., RDMS ext. 503
Endocrine Laboratory
Coordinator Dimitry Drokin, BSc ext. 320
Technician Lillian K., RLT ext. 320
Technician Lhou D. ext. 320
Patient Services
Admin Assistant - Andrology Mia S. ext. 341
Admin Assistant - Clinic Laura G. ext. 302
Admin Assistant - Clinic Helen G.  ext. 402
Accounting Manager Hani Jaroudi, BA ext. 335
Accounting Assistant Talia K. ext. 333
Business Development Manager Kyle Macdonald ext. 316
Counsellor Dara Roth Edney  
Counsellor Margaret Russ  
Acupuncture Department
Fertility Acupuncture Specialist  Kaleb Einstein Montgomery, H.B.Sc. D.T.C.M  

Male & Fertility Clinic,  Assisted Reproduction,
In Vitro Fertilization Unit:

Phone: (416) 233-8111 ext 740
Urology, Male Fertility Assessment,
Andrology Laboratory & Sperm Bank:

Phone: (416) 233-8111 ext 341

Monday to Friday: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 7:30 am – 8:30 am
(Cycle Monitoring)

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