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Whether you are having difficulty conceiving or simply need the assistance of a clinic to build your family, you may face complex questions, difficult decisions, and strong, or even sometimes overwhelming emotions.  To assist all patients at the clinic, ReproMed is proud to be associated with Informed Fertility which is led by Dara Roth Edney.  Dara works closely with ReproMed in providing counselling for patients struggling with infertility or considering assisted fertility options.  Along with individual and couples counselling, she also offers counselling for patients considering egg or sperm donation, and surrogacy. 

To learn more, or to schedule a session, please contact us by:
Email:  Phone: (416) 697-3191

Your session with the Registered Social Worker (RSW) may be covered under the benefits of your private health insurance plan.  Be sure to check your coverage with them.  

Dara can provide support in the following areas:

  • Dealing with emotions and issues related to infertility such as: grief, anger, jealousy, guilt, self-image, and isolation.
  • Addressing issues and finding resources specific to single men or women.
  • Finding resources and addressing issues specific to LGBTQ individuals / couples, such as family of orgin, issues of biology, legal issues, and homophobia.
  • Facilitating decision-making regarding treatment options and next steps.
  • Coping with a failed insemination or IVF cycle.
  • Counselling after miscarriage / prenatal loss
  • Couples counselling regarding general issues as well as those specifically affected by infertility such as: intimacy, sexuality, self-esteem, blame, communication, expectations, finances, and decision-making.
  • Developing / maintaining support networks while establishing and protecting your own boundaries.
  • Developing strategies to manage family events, social functions, workplace interactions, and holidays.
  • Stress reduction techniques
  • General psycho-social counselling support.

ReproMed is proud to be associated with:

Male & Fertility Clinic,  Assisted Reproduction,
In Vitro Fertilization Unit:

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Urology, Male Fertility Assessment,
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