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With infertility affecting 10% of the Canadian reproductive population, many people ask “will I experience a problem when I am ready to start a family?”  Since infertility does not discriminate based on age, sex, or race, there is no way to determine if you may face challenges when you attempt to conceive.  However, thanks to medical advances, patients are able to overcome infertility issues in a great majority of cases.

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Have you ever considered your ability to reproduce?

If a fertility issue can be detected early in age, it allows the patient more time and options in planning for a successful pregnancy.  All too often patients find out at a later age there is a fertility problem which in turn can be a factor in achieving a pregnancy.  By taking a Fertility Assessment at a specialized clinic, patients can learn early if they may possess a challenge in their reproduction abilities.  Armed with this information, they can make the best decisions now in their plans of starting a family down the road.

In addition to living a healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, toxins, smoking, alcohol, drug use can all be a factor) the following medical assessments are available at ReproMed to better understand your fertility potential:

Female Assessments:

· Review Ovarian Reserve: Through advanced ultrasound technology during day 3 of ones cycle, we are able to review the number of eggs present in the ovaries for use in future cycles. 

· Hormonal Blood Work:Checks the TSH, LH, Progesterone, Estrogen, and AMH to better understand the normal hormonal fluctuations in the cycle as well as assess the female reproductive age.

· Review of Medical History: A fertility specialist will review your medical history and may prescribe advanced fertility tests where there is a history of reproductive concerns.

· Egg Freezing: Discuss the benefits of egg freezing in cases where reproduction is planned at a latter date.


Male Assessments:

· Advanced Sperm Wash Assessment: An in-depth evaluation of the sperm is completed via computer analysis (CASA) before and after sperm preparation (wash).  Other tests involved include strict sperm morphology and anti-sperm antibody.

· Sperm Freezing: Discuss the benefits of sperm freezing for male patients under 40 where reproduction is planned at a later date.  The age of the sperm can play a role in having healthy pregnancies.

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