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Extended Donor Profiles

To assist you in selecting the donor that matches your expectations and needs, ReproMed’s Canadian donors have volunteered to give additional information about them.  These Extended Profiles help to give you further insight into the donor’s characteristics and may include some or all of the following:

  • TEMPERAMENT REPORT – This is an unbiased, standardized, and scientifically designed analysis of the donor’s character and temperament.  The elaborate report gives you a better understanding of the donor’s personality traits.  For sample, please click here.
  • DONOR ESSAY – This document is written by the donor himself.  In his own words it describes why he chose to partake in the program, his background, and details about this personal life. This document gives you an unmatched opportunity to learn about how he perceives himself.  For sample, please click here.
  • AUDIO RECORDING – This audio component allows you to hear the donor’s own voice while answering questions about him, his donation experience, and other pertinent details. 
  • DONOR LIKENESS PHOTOGRAPHS – This collection of images provide an accurate sense of the donor’s appearance so you can see what his specific facial features look like without disclosing the donor’s identity.  Photographs include such individual features as the donor’s nose, ear, eye, chin, hair, mouth, and body shape.  Also included is an altered image of the donor’s complete face in a collage format.  Sometimes a baby photo is included as well.  For sample, please click here.
  •   STAFF IMPRESSIONS – These brief, but meaningful profiles are written by ReproMed staff members who interact closely with the donor.  They are composed to give the reader another person’s perspective of the donor’s characteristics through their personal contact.  For sample, please click here.

The Extended Donor Profiles are made available for purchase via ReproMed’s web site.  The recipient can gain instant access to this valuable information by completing the online registration and payment process.  Before proceeding, please note the following:

  • Purchasing access to the Extended Donor Profiles will allow you to view information for ALL Canadian donors currently available in the catalogue.
  • Access to donor information is for a limited duration.
  • Not all individual components are available for each donor.  Be sure to check the Additional Information Section of the donor catalogue page to see which components are available for your donors of interest before purchasing access.
  • Be sure to check samples of each in the links above.
  • The number of photographs available for each donor varies.  Although we do our best to provide you with the highest quality photograps, some of these images come from older scans and are of a lesser quality.

Feel free to contact a ReproMed staff member if you have questions about any of the above. 


Canadian donor samples are absolutely guaranteed to be in full compliance with all the applicable Canadian Semen Regulations. These include health and safety measures that were put in place to ensure the well-being of the recipient and the offspring and to limit the transmission of infectious diseases. Every effort is made to verify medical history information provided by the prospective donors by actively seeking a copy of their medical records. Screening for genetic conditions is also done as per the best practice policies. Accurate depiction of the donors’ physical traits is always available. Other elements of the donor profile vary and may be subjective in nature and more difficult to confirm.

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