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Designated (Known) Egg Donor Program

ReproMed is proud to offer a comprehensive program that allows the patient to designate the egg donor in their treatment. This could be a friend, a family member, or a person they have a close relationship with. It is extremely important to ReproMed that both the Recipient and Egg Donor are provided with all the necessary information to help the process remain straightforward and hassle-free.

Below is information related to the steps involved in the Designated Egg Donor program. It would be our pleasure to discuss more in-depth during a personal consultation with the patient and the known donor.

Information for the Designated Donor
1. Completion of Egg Donor Profile, Egg Donor Medical Genetic History and Egg Donor Attitudes/Preferences forms.
2. Personal interview with our Medical Director.
3. Completion of psychosocial profile followed by a personal interview with a licensed psychologist and/or social worker.
4. Completion of a complete physical examination by a physician. This examination will include an ultrasound to determine reproductive potential and cervical cultures used for sexual transmitted diseases testing.
5. Completion of a blood drawn for the purpose of further sexual transmitted disease and genetic testing.
6. After the testing phase, you will meet with the infertility clinic staff to determine your medication and Egg retrieval schedule. Medications will be given by injection over several days to stimulate ovaries for the purpose of producing several Eggs for retrieval. On the first day of medication you will also have another blood draw for the purpose of sexual transmitted disease testing.
7. During your medication, cycle follicular development will be monitored by ultrasound, pelvic examinations and blood tests.
8. Vaginal egg retrieval will be performed on the appropriate day.

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