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Egg Donation

ReproMed facilitates both Anonymous and Known (Designated) Egg Donor programs. These programs allow patients to choose an Anonymous Egg Donor, or to use donated eggs from a woman known to them. These patients may include:
  • Women unable to provide their own eggs due to the risk of passing on genetic disorders
  • Premature ovarian failure (Turner Syndrome, etc.)
  • Post-menopausal women
  • Post Treatment (Cancer, Chemotherapy, Radiation, Surgery)
  • Single men
  • Same sex couples

We are confident that the probability of successful conception for infertile women could be increased with the assistance of egg donations obtained by fertile, early age (21-32 yrs), normal ovulatory donors. Women over age 30 must have proven fertility.

Information for Potential recipients

Donors meet rigorous criteria to maximize the potential for conception for patients who seek medical attention for problems indicating this procedure.

Ovum donation is justified in any clinical condition in which pregnancy is desired and a female cannot provide eggs for fertilization. In all instances, a physician can determine whether the use of ovum donation would be clinically warranted. The diagnosis justifying the use of ovum donation must exist in writing in the patient's medical record. Informed consent must be completed before the patient may be scheduled for treatment.

Ovum donation refers to the process of undergoing controlled ovarian hyperstimulation followed by oocyte (egg) retrieval, with such oocytes obtained being fertilized and transferred to a consenting recipient. The IVF laboratory processes retrieved oocytes (eggs), inseminates them, and cryopreserves (freezes) the resulting embryos.

For more information about egg donor selection please contact us for a personal consultation. Detailed information will be provided to you during your IVF Consultation and follow up discussion with the nurse coordinator.

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