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Donor Sperm Insemination

Usually referred to as Donor Insemination or DI, this treatment is indicated when a male partner has:
  • No sperm (azoospermia)
  • When a sperm count is so low (oligozoospermia), that pregnancy is highly unlikely
  • For a single or lesbian women seeking a pregnancy>

Other indications may include sterilization (i.e. vasectomy), a genetic defect, testicular injury, and surgery or cancer therapy.

Donor semen is obtained from our own sperm bank (ReproMed), the only source in Canada of Canadian donors. ReproMed specializes in the cryopreservation (freezing) of sperm for DI and for storage of sperm for individual men for their own use in the future. This last method is used frequently, for example, with male partners who are unable to produce a semen specimen on demand or if the male partner travels frequently. The sperm can be stored (frozen) and the wife can continue with inseminations uninterrupted.

All semen donors are anonymous, and undergo rigorous screening for medical and genetic diseases, please visit our donor screening section for further details. A complete information packet will be given to you, outlining the above as well as the donor catalogue, the pregnancy rates and other pertinent detailed information. If you wish, very detailed donor portfolio's are available on each donor specifically describing each donor and all non-identifying information regarding the donor, his family and health history for three generations. A Data Assisted Donor Selection (D.A.D.S.™) consultation could be scheduled to assist you in making your donor selection. We recommend that your partner take part in the donor selection process. Your husband (if applicable) is required to sign the consent form agreeing to treatment. Donor insemination can also be carried out with sperm from an individual that you know. This program is called Designated Donor Program.

Women, who have no reproductive problems and are under the age of 35, can expect a pregnancy rate of 86% at 6 cycles of insemination. As in any fertility treatment, as a woman ages over 30, or if any other reproductive problems are present, success rates may be lower. Success rates drop slightly again at age 35 and more significantly at age 40.

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