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Too often, individuals equate donating semen with blood or plasma donation. We want to assure you that this is far from the truth. ReproMed semen donors are selected from carefully screened and tested men who have undergone a rigorous program of evaluation prior to acceptance into our donor program. In fact, less than 2% of all applicants are accepted.

Here are the most asked questions about samples from donors recruited in Canada:

How Does ReproMed Find Donor Applicants?

Our donors come from a wide variety of sources including; direct referrals from current donors, discreet advertisements in professional periodicals and from our many media (TV, radio, print and online articles) exposures. Donors are also recruited from local areas which offer a high quality of life.

Why Does An Individual Become A Donor?

Due to the high awareness of the infertility dilemma, many men, most of whom are married with kids of their own, become donors to help infertile couples have children of their own. In pursuance of the Assisted Human Reproduction Act, 2004, donors are not compensated for their donations. Expenses associated with the donation are reimbursed within a reasonable limit, usually not to exceed $70.00.

How Well Does ReproMed Staff Know The Donors?

Prior to acceptance into ReproMed's donor semen program, our staff becomes quite familiar with our donors through regular weekly interactions and discussions. This takes place over a period of more than 6 months, including an average of 30 appointments and 7 blood draws. Throughout this time, it is natural for the donor to become a part of the ReproMed family and take on a caring, sincere desire to help others overcome infertility.

What's The Average Age Of Our Donors?

The average age of our donors is 31 years.

What Donor Information Is Available To Patients?

We provide non-identifying information about our donors free of charge through our Semen Donor Catalogue. You also have free access to a very detailed five page computer generated Donor Portfolio. Additionally, you should consider reviewing the extended donor profiles, which include donor audio interviews, likeness photos, staff impressions, and more.

What Are The Educational Requirements For Donors?

The vast majority have a university education. Our Semen Donor Catalogue and D.A.D.S.™ - Donor Portfolio offer specific levels of education. The majority of our donors are professional men.

What Commitments Must A Donor Make To ReproMed?

A minimum of one year of participation with four to five laboratory appointments per month, monthly blood draws, agreements and forms, interviews, physical exam, scheduled reviews of life style assessment, ongoing evaluation of health and disease risk. We view a donors' willingness to commit to such a demanding schedule as further proof of their sincere attitude.

How Many Live Births Does ReproMed Allow One Donor?

ReproMed follows guidelines recommended by international reproductive societies regarding the important issue of number of births resulting from the use of Donor semen. ReproMed performs regularly scheduled surveys of our physicians and treatment outcomes of their patients, and employs these data to monitor use of certain Donors in particular geographical areas. ReproMed attempts to limit Donors to three live births per region of 100,000 populations. Siblings of the same patient using the same Donor are considered one live birth.

What Information Does The Donor Provide To Assist ReproMed Staff In Deciding Whether Or Not To Accept Him As A Donor?

Candidates undergo vigorous, lengthy interviews involving personal questions regarding sexual behavior, family background and reasons for participating in our semen donor program. A minimum of 3 generations of family history is taken and evaluated. Following extensive semen analysis, both prior to and after cryopreservation, the candidate is tested for infectious diseases. The list of screening criteria is continually being updated as recommendations are received from governmental and professional organizations. After 3 months of testing, accumulation of physical and personal data and countless interviews and discussions, our Medical Director, Dr. Alfonso P. Del Valle, determines the acceptability of the candidate. An additional three months of testing and screening ensue before the donor's specimens are available for use in clinical artificial insemination. After this 6 month period we feel confident and assured that the donor candidate is now ready to become an "accepted" member of the donor program.

What does it mean that the donor is CMV IgG reactive?

It means that the donor has been exposed to the cytomegalovirus (CMV) in the past. None of our donors have current CMV infection; they are routinely tested for markers of current infection. In addition, culture of semen samples is performed to ensure the absence of any viruses. This is a unique feature that distinguishes ReproMed's screening program from other sources of donor semen in Canada. Recent research indicates that 30-50% of the population is exposed to the virus mild form during a certain stage of their lives but do not realize this unless they get screened for it. Some physicians would advise CMV non-reactive recipients to select only a donor who is also CMV non-reactive, while CMV reactive recipients can select any type of donor. If you have any further questions, please check with your treating doctor as this may affect your donor selection.

Can a Donor get Information about a Child Conceived from their Donor Specimen?

When a donor enters the program, they waive the rights to seek personal information about the recipient and the offspring. The only information that is made public is the number of childbirths that have resulted from their participation as a donor.

In the Future can our Child Learn about the Donor or Contact them?

This is very possible. For Open-ID donors, the identity information is automatically released to donor conceived offpsring once he/she is 18 years or older. For anonymous donors, ReproMed will seek the donor's authorization once a request is received from an offspring who is 18 or older. Although some anonymous donors have initially agreed to meet with their offspring when they turn 18, they may change their mind several years down the road.

Please refer to the Identity Disclosure Program Page for further details.

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